Split 7″ with GHOST CAT


Our brandnew Split with GHOST CAT is up for Preorder!

Have a listen here:


The Record will be available via:

Last Exit Records (Ger)

LTD Records (UK)

Moment of Collapse (Ger)

Krimskramz (Ger)

Obdura (It)

So Lucky Records (USA)

Tief in Marcellos Schuld records (Ger)

128028-8fc8bad617cf4c2c92112d661938c10b128028-4b5cf6457e7f492980ba14ecc319d379 128028-933a6d785674483ea9577795adf85498 128028-8849ae4da8d5473095080212566b55ae 128028-babe4dc703f446fbb89d2ae8bd819645 128028-c5576af964914af08271008f992400b3

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