Ruiniert-Gala Pictures & Video


The last two Shows were absolutely amazing. A huge Thank you goes out to everyone making “Die Always wanted War ruinieren die schönsten Lieder aller Zeiten live Experience” unforgetable for us.

Here are some pictures taken by Richie & Maxe:

194-0697 194-0701 194-0703 194-0707 194-0711 194-0713 10455699_738889939517390_6735486836299975881_n 10494866_738889346184116_2737740970121955291_n 10615489_738889839517400_581615003385056780_n 10628396_738889996184051_236170121167847518_n 10672218_738889429517441_8218997025361686144_n 10687104_738889442850773_6178267115497509400_n

And a dope Video, taken by Basti:

Foto 04.10.14 23 07 21


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