CD out now & LP Preorder is up!


So the new CD entitled “-MINUS” is now available in the Online Store.
At the Same Time our Homies in rha. released their Album “+PLUS” wich is kind of the matching Part to our Album. Both are available Together in a Limited Edition HERE.

Same for the Vinyl, we´re taking preorders now, so go to the TIEF IN MARCELLOS SCHULD RECORDS Shop and have a look. Especially if you want the Limited Edition of both LPs together in a Gatefold. It´s limited to 100 pieces and preorders are going good. If you want to order from outside of germany, there are some technical issues in the Shop, so please just drop us a Mail or use the Contact HERE.

This is a Co-release with Tief in Marcellos Schuld, Brückentick, Break the Silence & Blindman Melodies so go and check out these Lables they will have the Vinyl available soon as well.

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